What Are the Origins of Cake Pops?

A cake pop is a new treat idea that started in small bakeries and patisseries in the south and came north. They have become very popular, along with the mini cupcake craze that has led to the development of many bakery outlets that just sell cupcakes and cake pops. Just watch any Food show on TV and you’ll see how popular the mini-treats trend has become.

How Do You Make the Moist Cake Centre?

Olivia’s uses less sugar in the cake centre than traditional cake pop recipes, which is obviously good for nutritional reasons, but this also results in a softer, moister centre.

What Are Some Creative Uses For These Cake Pops?

If you are looking for a neat twist on everyday cake pop fun, try serving the cake pops from frozen on a warm summer day. Refreshment and fun, all in one!

How do you ship the cake pops?

For shipping, we freeze your pops to keep them nicely decorated for the ride. When you receive them, you can enjoy them within 10 days or freeze the extras in their clamshell until you need them.

Are Your Cake Pops Nut Free?

This product is 100% nut free and has not been in any contact with any tree nuts. Olivia’s Cake Pops are nut free. In fact, all items made in our bakery are nut-free. We supply various items to schools and hospitals across Canada, where allergen control is tantamount. Olivia’s Cake Pops sources our baking ingredients from suppliers that also have food safety programs in place with specific allergen controls to ensure that our inputs do not come in contact with peanuts and other types of tree nuts. This is our primary method of ensuring that our products are nut-free. In addition, as part of our Food Safety Program we also periodically perform ELISA Nut Testing on our cake pops to validate that our items are in compliance with our nut free claim. ELISA stands for Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay, and it tests for a specific nut identifier within a product. The ELISA Tests we perform are against peanuts, walnuts and almonds.

How Should Cake Pops Be Stored?

To ensure optimuim freshness – freeze after purchasing and thaw as you need. So if your event is a few weeks away, you can freeze them and then thaw a couple of hours before you serve. Preferably, put the pack into a plastic freezer bag to keep out any freezer burn.

When Do I Serve These Cake Pops?

These 115-135 calorie, nut-free treats are packed with fun and pleasure so that kids and adults alike enjoy. Serve Olivia’s Cake Pops at any occasion with kids as a great treat that’s sure to please. Whether it be sporting events, special school days or birthday parties, Olivia’s Cake Pops are a perfect addition to the party. And Nut Free makes them a very safe, versatile and popular treat.

How Many Days Are These Freshly Made Treats Good For?

Our cake pops have no preservatives, but the chocolate enrobing protects the more sensitive creamy cake centre and helps us ensure you have many days to enjoy these treats. Remember that you can always freeze them at any point and then pull from the freezer a couple of hours before you want to serve them. If you freeze, put the pack into a large freezer bag and they will be great for up to 3 months.